Group Chairman System Protection & Maintenance Sdn. Bhd.

Dato’ Ir Hj Mohd Zaini Abdullah
Group Chairman

Being in the power industry has been a challenge for us in System Protection & Maintenance Sdn Bhd (SPMSB). Over the years SPMSB has evolved in this industry and will continue to do so in this familiar field from where we started. With our presence in the past three decades, we are very proud with what we do, taking honor in every project delivery, be it in the quality of service or the project completion, we strive to work at our best to offer our services to the industry.

Back in 1984, SPMSB was set up with very minimum staff on board, where every hard work, every contribution and every penny was very limited at the time. Having set up at times where there were very few locals in the industry, we struggled to convince our capabilities and potential in undertaking each job we secured. The outcome is what we are today, from initially just offering testing and commissioning works, we have now become a full Engineering & Construction contracting company or EPCC for transmission substations (up to 500kV) power plants and other industries.

The foundation to our business throughout the years remain, regardless of our size, that is to understand and satisfy clients’ requirements for workmanship, on time delivery, safety and value for money in the services we provide. Overcoming challenges and transforming them into opportunities has been the hallmark of SPMSB. Having gone through various challenges from the financial crisis to the evolving technology, we overcome these glitches in ensuring the existence of SPMSB continue.

With the current workforce, supported by long-service and dedicated personnel, we make every avenue for business a possibility for our growth. Our trained and technically qualified personnel, are well equipped with the capabilities to embark on large turnkey projects in the power and other industries such as the oil & gas,manufacturing and maritime/marine ports.

With our excellent track record as a one-stop Power Contractor especially with the major players in Malaysia, like TNB and Petronas, we have diversified our range of services to participate in projects from other sectors and scope of services such as Electrical & Instrumentation, Civil, Maintenance and Renewable Energy. We believe it is our destiny to evolve into a world-class Power Contractor with international market presence such as the Middle East, North Africa or ASEAN countries.

“Towards Engineering Excellence”