Testing & Calibration

Benefit of this Service

  • Protection Relay Testing, Electronics Testing and Instrument Calibration
  • Protection Scheme Design, Evaluation and Troubleshooting
  • Retrofitting and Recommission of Low, Medium and High Voltage Equipment
  • Retrofitting and Replacement of Protection Relays
  • Testing and Verification of Generators, Transformers, Air Insulated Switchgear, Gas Insulated Switchgears, Switchboards
  • Testing and Commissioning of Auto Transformer, Power Transformer and Earthing Transformer
  • Conformation Test for Operation and Stability Scheme Electrical Power Substation
  • High Voltage Dielectic Test for 500/275/132/33/11kV Gas Insulated Busbar and 33/11kV Power Cable
  • Testing and Commissioning of 220/110V DC Battery Supply for Power Substation, 500/275/132kV Transmission Line Test, Solar Plant and Hydro Plant